A blog is derived from the word “weblog”.

WEB – A web is a kind of your documents which can be included in texts, images, articles, videos, and images that stored on your computer to show with access of internet to the public and worldwide.

LOG –   A log is a detail of your company events and so many activities that are consistent as they come alive. A company ’s achievements records and record of his daily activities or weekly or monthly. It depends on the subject matter.

As an example we take like your blog is about on sports events, you have to be recording sports events daily or weekly, it’s depending on the specific moments of sports news that you want to focus.

Blog in my explanation comes from two words [We/B (log)], it creates an idea and you have started to write a blog. You have to say that blog is an art of creating your records on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis in the form of texts, documents, images or videos that stored in your computer and you will publish on your website for the entire world to read.

I found some important points to make your blog effective-

  • Catchy Headline –

Keeping the title that you gave for a blog is stands out in the mind of your visitors and catches them to read. Use the catchy titles that are looking creative and different.

Once you target your audience with a catchy title, be sure your opening paragraph is giving information to what you write for a blog.  Show him the value of your post and use the strategy for writing. Since you have writing a blog, after writing an introductory paragraph you solve the problem.


  • The Art of Writing –

Nobody is perfect in writings skills, creating designs or making a video. Everyone started writing in a somewhere, they work on it, keep writing and learning to get their performance at the best level, and get marketing of their subject, and we were making a positive impact on our visitors. You have to write in a good tone and use easy language.

  • Target on your audience –

We have to know first that who is my audience and what they like. It is a matter to how you create your blog, you have to experiment in your writing skills and check your visitor’s response to what they like to. You have to know what they prefer. First, you know their preferences and then work on it and convert into a loyal audience.


  •  Use the images-

You can choose the images to show some interest because we all knew that images attract first. But it is more important that you should choose the image that describes or about your blog.  Like your blog is on sports news and you post the food pic this is going the wrong impression on your visitor. One thing is more important to post the images that you upload your own pic or you have to know who created the pic. Otherwise, you use the free images of pixabay and unsplash, here no matter of copyright.

Above mentioned points, if you use in a blog you make your blog interesting, attractive and you get the more traffic. Your blog is most useful part of the business because the visitors come in your blog through your website then you have an opportunity to convert traffic into leads.



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